What we offer

HR processes that we successfully implement together with our clients cover a wide range of areas:

Global Mobility

Rapid growth and the associated expansion abroad can quickly present your HR department with challenges. We will support you in adapting your processes to your internationalisation requirements. We will identify those responsible for new tasks within your company, set up workflows and advise you on the specific implementation of your project. This enables your HR team to tackle international employee assignments, recruitment, organisation of business travel and compliance abroad. This allows you to reduce costs and risks accordingly.

Service Provider Selection

We will keep you up to date on HR trends and technological standards so that you can concentrate on the growth of your business. Increasingly, legal advice and IT solutions, for example for payroll purposes, are being outsourced to external service providers. We can help you to make the right choice among numerous providers.

Organisational Development and Continued Education

Both your company and your employees will benefit equally from continued education. We will gladly support you in setting up your own academies: This enables you to train your employees precisely to the requirements of your company in order to outperform your competitors. Employees will see training as a means of development and motivation. Our recommendations are based on best practices from our customer experience and cooperation with universities.

Employer Branding

The perfect online presence is more important than ever in the competition for talent. We will advise you on how to build your company and career pages and develop strategies for reaching desired candidates via LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram and other channels. Professionals appreciate straightforward application tools and want to stay informed about their application status. We can help with administration and automated communication. We also offer tailor-made solutions to help you retain employees in the long term.

HR Strategy

We have extensive experience in optimally implementing human resources processes in a wide variety of companies and ensuring their long-term success. More and more frequently, we are helping to shape the overall vision for Human Resources, particularly with regard to start-ups and SMEs. We help to formulate medium and long-term goals, develop strategies and derive specific recommendations for action. Depending on the development phase of your company, we will support you in prioritising your HR projects.

How we operate

Our customers consistently rate us positively because we implement our solutions “quickly”, “individually” and with “the focus on people”. We rely on the expertise of our employees from a wide range of academic backgrounds and the valuable industry knowledge gained from many years of working for our clients.

Project Management

When selecting the appropriate project management method, we make sure that the requirements and risks of the project are accurately identified and evaluated. Our focus is to approach the project in a structured and systematic way so that the goal is achieved within the agreed time frame and using the given resources. In project management we apply the following methods: Kanban, Agil, Lean and Six Sigma.

Process Documentation

We analyse existing processes and set up new or modified processes according to industry standards. We use standard knowledge management tools for efficient use by your employees, but we can also use your company’s internal systems. The documentation accompanies the course of the project throughout.


We will organise, moderate and lead workshops to develop, change and implement agreed upon processes involving all stakeholders. The cooperation of all participants is important to us in order to introduce a sustainable and mutually developed solution within the company. Our strength lies in designing workshops in a structured, efficient way with maximum output.


Extensive projects, changing processes and a large number of stakeholders require constant communication. Our consultants are trained to listen, process information quickly and reflect on complex issues in a coherent manner. We are able to “translate” between different cultures, languages and topics. The overall success of the project is important to us, which is why we also bring internal and external specialists together.

Keynote Speeches

It is necessary to adapt established and successful practices in today’s constantly changing environment. We support HR departments and managers in communicating change. An external stimulus creates a different perspective and can be the beginning of a positive re-evaluation of change.

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