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Your company is unique in its corporate culture and current challenges. We firmly believe that only customised Human Resources processes will bring lasting success. We can develop tailor-made solutions for your company.


Companies are operating in globalised markets that are constantly changing. How quickly you can adapt your business processes to these changes will determine your success. We understand your business needs: We will deliver flexible and individualised solutions as your company circumstances demand. This enables us to help you progress at your pace.

For People

Your Human Resources team must be able to balance management expectations, employee wishes and cost targets. This is our expertise. We can help you develop solutions that will make your company attractive to qualified employees and ensure their long-term retention.

People who have trusted us

*At the time of the cooperation with the clients and partners named above, HR Global Consulting GmbH was known as Zinner Global Mobility GmbH. Daniel Zinner, founder and Managing Director of both companies, has always been and will remain primarily responsible for client activities.

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